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- The end is another beginning


In the long history of past, there had been always a chaotic age spawned by constant changes and collapse of regime, wars and revolution. And people confronted destruction, burning up and abolition which were followed by the state of disordered era and people started to call that it is the end of world but there was also people who desires to escape the chaotic state and resist the existing regime or disordered world. They contemplated to look at another beginning as nobody wants the end and decided to stand at the end which can be also another beginning spawned by the end of dark and we call them as the rebels.


The end that the rebels are trying to escape can be a just moment, which we can pass through without any change of state as we have seen from the long history of past But It is a vital moment to reflect the end of a retrograde beginning to prepare another beginning. Therefore, we convey the weighty meaning of the moment connecting the end with another beginning in structure of garment and creating new spatial relationship with another cutting line to find another beginning of structure. 

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