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Everyday, news, articles, television shows, and even radio broadcasts are taken away from our viewing and all contents are being censored from our lives to alter the reality in the minds of the people for controlling the society. This change or suppression in the access status of material and phenomenon leads to exclude, hide, remove some reality under the name of censorship in the line of history as well as in the present time.

When it was censored by excluding, hiding and cutting, what is left is a window into reflection of manipulated truth by power of authority or majority and your imagination resisting a perspective of original. Therefore, it can be interpreted in many ways as It is up to viewers to decide what it means into context as well as it can offend original or the lie of the original showing new characteristic and meaning of that. And what allows people with this censorship is that inspires them to see new perspective of reality with an intention to convince them what they want to see.

With this in mind, We can see our role as creating a new conversation around particular objects and images with censorship mediums to give new understanding of what we want to tell and it can present it like reflection of hidden construction of garment by such censorship mediums, excluding, hiding and removal of cutting line or spatial meeting between each pattern pieces on a structure of garment. We pursue this process into construction of garment and contrast of fabrics censoring its original form to show manipulated beauty giving a new construction to derive from hidden construction of garment.


14FW Byungmun Seo Collection

Creative Director_ Byungmun Seo      

Senior Designer_ Jina Um         Technical Designer_ Great many       Visual Developer_Great many


Collection Look Book

Creative Director_ Byungmun Seo

Photographer_ Pyunghwa Haan       Styling_ Jina Um, Great many, Nuri Yeon     Make-up, Hair_ Seungjin Kim

Model_ Stefan

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