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BMUET(TE) is the ready-to-wear label with rebellious and sophisticated aesthetic in 2017. the label describes a reinterpretation of classic and luxury with deconstruction-touch. Embracing an eye of punk inspiration and imaginary story, The label brings a quality of elegant rawness to the style. it appears in dramatic silhouettes, voluminous dress, tailoring uniform look with twist, androgynous jacket with meticulous cuts, structural shirts.



SOUNDS BMUET(TE) is a diffusion line of BMUET(TE). Embracing conceptual aesthetic of BMUET(TE), launched in 2018. SOUNDS BMUET(TE) approaches contemporary sensibility with creative vision and avant-garde eyes from main line. It presents minimalist avant-garde and new street-inspired take on deconstructed aesthetic of BMUET(TE). The look of SOUNDS BMUET(TE) delivers more casual and youthful sensibility infusing new realm of street style with innovative concept.

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