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13FW Study of hidden recess of mind


We are looking deeper into the immense shadows of the unconscious. Envisioning a full metamorphosis within the unconscious, we set the inherent dialectic in motion. This dialectic is resolved by the fusion of the unexpected and inexistent phenomena in the conscious and manifests in a resistance against the traditional and existing perspective of objects. We contemplated this hidden recess of themind in freedom and ventured to liberate the mind of preconceived ideas, to release all objects from their customary association, and to revitalize the poetic imagery.And we pursue to develop this imagery into the construction of garment. The construction will be led by a single concept where a new silhouette is created by the spatial mating of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. Thisalso brings an aspect where such playing of shapes in construction refuses our initial perception of them and gives the objects a new meaning.


2013 FW Byungmun Seo Look book

Photography_Chuck Bae / Minkyu Kim

Make-up and Hair_Soojung Park

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